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Professional car emblem removal AKA debadging, will leave your vehicle with a sleek and stealthy appearance. We offer emblem removal and dedadging as a stand alone mobile service or it can be added to any of our other detail services.



Although the removal process might seem simple, it requires specific tools and proper techniques to get the job done without damaging the vehicles paint work. Once the Emblem or Trim is removed, paint that has never seen the light of day will be revealed and you’ll likely see exactly where the Emblems or Trim once were. Ideally, the entire vehicle should be polished to match the newly revealed paint. This probably wont be an issue on a brand new vehicle but is certainly something to consider for any vehicle that has been in use for 6 months or more.

Emblem, Badge or Trim removal process consists of:

  • A thorough cleaning of emblem or trim area

  • The use of a heat gun to soften the double sided tape between the paint and Emblem

  • Cut through the double sided tape using fishing line

  • Careful removal of the double sided tape using an eraser tool

  • Removal any remaining adhesive residue

  • One step machine polish and wax to clean, protect and blend in the newly exposed paint

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